About the Opal®

Deliciously Crisp and Juicy

Opal® (variety UEB 32642) is a fresh yellow gold apple often with an attractive delicate blush and a russeted stem end ‘halo’ It combines a crisp and juicy texture with an intense sweet and slightly tangy, aromatic flavour.

  • Opal® (variety UEB 32642) Has so many great characteristics
  • Naturally disease resistance.
  • Outstanding natural shelf life.
  • Great source of one of your five a day.
  • Created in the Czech Republic by cross breeding Topaz and Golden Delicious.
  • From the Topaz, it gets its natural disease resistance and slightly tangy, aromatic flavour.
  • From the Golden Delicious, it gets its fresh appearance, and sweet flavour.
  • All apples are picked carefully by hand to help protect the fruit and to select the fruit at the right stage for the best eating quality.

We love and care for your Opal® (variety UEB 32642)  at every stage of planting, growing, picking and packing because we love it just as much as you do. Every Apple goes through stringent quality tests to make sure it meets your expectations and is consistently great.