Hazelnut and cacoa nib tartlets with opal apples


Ingredients (Makes 20):
20 sweet mini tart cases
1 bottle of ‘Sweet Freedom’ Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate
1tsp chilli powder
A pinch of salt
10tsp cacao nibs
10tsp crushed, toasted hazelnuts
3 opal apples, cored and cut into wedges and brushed with lemon juice
Cocoa powder to dust

Fill each tart case with 1/2 tsp each of nibs and hazelnuts.

Heat the chocolate in a pan and stir in the salt and chilli.
Fill each tart case and top with a wedge of apple.
Sprinkle over some cocoa powder and serve immediately while hot.

Scale up or down according to amount needed. Just repeat the recipe as is. You can use a microwave to heat the sauce before you pour into the prepared tart cases.