Story of Opal®

Once upon a time…

Dr Tupy grew the first UEB 32642 tree by naturally cross breeding a Topaz and a Golden Delicious, perfect parents for something deliciously different. Empire World Trade Ltd loved the variety UEB 32642 and the brand Opal® and wanted to grow this variety in the United Kingdom.

In the spirit of the festive season, Empire World Trade sent 50 UEB 32642 trees to its growers as a Christmas gift. On the back of this, chosen expert growers now have 50,000 trees across 3 plantations in the UK.

Over the next 2 years this is set to expand to 120,000 trees so in time there will be lots of UK Opal® (variety UEB 32642) to go around.

UK Opal® (variety UEB 32642) is grown in Norfolk, Hampshire and Kent. Plantations are also developing in areas of Europe, New Zealand and South Africa so in time you will be able to get your favourite Opal® (variety UEB 32642) all year round!